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Teacher & Masters Level Instructor

"Our planet earth and music 
were born together."
    Robin Robert Maynes (circa 1963)





"The commensalism of our planet 
and music demands an understanding 
of - at least - the sciences and arts."

    Robin Robert Maynes M.M. (circa 2000)

Mr. Robin Robert Maynes (Masters Level Instructor) continually and successfully strives to bring the best FINE ARTS education and artistic opportunities to his many students, associates and beyond!

Robin's viewers consist of educators, students, administrators, high-school / junior college / university instructors and performers, and many others that consider a strong education and appreciation of the FINE ARTS crucial to the development of an individual becoming a whole person.

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Maestro Robin Maynes 

Performing on Grand Piano 2013

Notes From Robin

Brief Biography

"I was born and raised in Arizona. As a professional musician/entertainer I traveled to many states (and many cities within those states) with my income exclusively from the entertainment field until 1990 at which time I began a second career in the field of education.

Although I'm still heavily involved in the entertainment field, I continue to evolve in Music Education with direct benefits affecting all my many students. My primary studied focus of music through a Bachelor's and Master's Degree at Arizona State University was in Theory & Composition of Music. My current area of study is in Music Education and Computer Information Systems."

Glendale's Pianist - Robin Maynes

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Contact me at: Robin@RobinMaynes.com

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