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Chorus Studies

 Sing Solos and Harmonies 

Chorus gives students the opportunity to learn to sing and develop their voice, learn music in more detail, develop repertoire, technique, develop self-esteem, and perform in concerts. If a student shows dedication in all performance, responsibility and attendance respects, she or he has priority choice for solos and special choice of a solo song.


Chorus performs at least three concerts every school year. Soloists perform even more often; sometimes with the band, singly accompanied by the piano and/or for very special performances which enhances the performance and musical experience.


All ensemble members attend special symphonic performances and music assemblies during each school year.


Typically Chorus consists of students ranging from the fourth through eighth grades, but--with special permissions--third graders may be asked to join the team.

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  Student Information

Chorus--assigned homework:

1) Practice exercises/techniques as taught;

2) Memorize (if possible) the vocal parts and lyrics of the music to be performed.

3) Take care when using instruments or other hardware such as microphones, props, etc.

Sometimes students that sing will be integrated into the other ensembles for selected pieces.

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