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General Music 

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General Music is a comprehensive look at styles, eras, history, composers, instruments, literature, theory, etc., with emphasis on performance, application, appreciation, and analysis adjusted for grade levels and based on the adopted Arizona Music Standards.


Try taking a quiz or two just to see some of what my students study. They are self-grading quizzes and are designed to test information within the students' courses of General Music Study. Also, see the Curriculum page!


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  Student Information - Currently my students range in age from 4 to the early teens. They are graded according to a three part criteria: 

1) Tests and daily scores;

2) Effort--including participation; 

3) Appropriate behavior as outlined in the classroom rules and student handbook. 

The students are taught the Music Standards as outlined/adopted (1997) by the State of Arizona (ADE).

[Also, see the Curriculum page!]

All classes engage in performance activities. These include the use of classroom instruments and/or band instruments and the singing voice. General Music classes typically test after activities that affirm the skills needed to pass the test with a 100% score.

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