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created by: Robin Maynes

[copyright 2003] 






Happy Columbus Day 16kb

MJ (Jacko) Halloween 114kb

Santa Flies 179kb

Happy Groundhog Day 53kb

Easter 616kb

Saint Paddy 49kb

Spring Equinox 21kb

The Jester Dance 101kb

Earth Day 84kb

Arbor Day 98kb

Cinco De Mayo 82kb

Happy Mothers' Day 67kb

Memorial Day 470kb

Fire Cracker Day 55kb

Happy Birthday (Tax Day) 23kb

Christmas Card 2005 61kb

Happy Labor Day 245kb  

Merry Christmas 2006 38kb  

Debate (Bush/Kerry) 605kb  [Parody]

Hillary In Iraq 960kb            [Parody]

Obelisk 790kb                      [Parody]


Gregory Hines Tribute Short 53kb

Jack Paar Tribute Short 154kb

Passing of Someone Dear 92kb

Tony Randall Tribute Short 188kb

Marlon Brando Tribute Short 152kb

Johnny Carson Tribute Short 756kb

Christopher Reeve Tribute Short 1.7mb

Don Adams Tribute Short 513kb

My Uncle "Sig" Tribute Short 1.8mb


Osama's Demise 20kb

Saucers 36kb

The Genie 37kb

Twisted Philosophy 16kb

A Visit to the Dentist 27kb

Concert Choir 29kb

Desert Vista 228kb

Face of Mars? 161kb

Las Vegas 580kb

The Prize 168kb

Ugly Kid Show Reel 51kb

E-Notes 59kb

Final Stronghold V.3.0 (game) 257kb

Citizenship 116kb

Sorry Chump! 212kb

Insurgence V.3.0 (game) 1000kb

Harmony Weave 884kb

Space Rocks (game) 66kb

Meltdown 17kb

Angry Ephraim 863kb

Las Vegas Vacation 2006 





"I hope you enjoy these flash movies -- created for purposes of Instruction, Education, Entertainment, Commentary, Criticism, Admiration and Parody -- on this non-profit personal web!"

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