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(My SIMPLY ART MUSIC CD's selections are sampled below)

=> King Robinson Overture - (This piece is written for pizz strings, brass, piano, and orchestra)



=> A Father's Day - (This piece is written for piano,      orchestral strings and percussion)



=> Teare Of Errolin - (This composition is also known as String Quartet no. 2)

        PLAY - 1st movement

        PLAY - 2nd movement

        PLAY - 3rd movement

        PLAY - 4th movement


=> Idaprae Brieal Waltz - (This unconventional waltz is written for flute and two guitars)



=> Emotions - (This composition is also known as Piano Suite no. 2)



=> For Wind Sake - (This composition is also known as String Quartet no. 1)



=> La Rose De La Terre - (This composition -- also known as Wind Quintet no. 1 -- is written for two flutes, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon)



=> Misfortunes - (This composition -- also known as Piano Suite no. 1 -- consists 

of five titled short movements)



=> Avenarra Varra Barcarolle (This composition -- composed for my new daughter; written for acoustic guitars and strings)



=> Happy Birthday Petite String Quartet


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CD Information

Notes From Robin

This CD contains many of my favorite art music pieces composed within the last 25 years. All music selections on this compact disc are composed/arranged/copyrighted by Robin Maynes. A tithe of the proceeds from this compact disc are donated to Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church.


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"All the song (audio) files on this web are greatly compressed for ease and speed of http-audio-streaming. The compression allows the music to stream quickly. The actual CD is not compressed. It will sound great when played on your CD player in your vehicle or at home."




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